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Building Long-Lasting Driveways

Residential Paving Chatham

Residential Paving Experts

A new, smooth, clean-looking driveway can provide so much for your property and family. Adding value to your home, enhancing curb appeal, and providing a surface for your children to play on, Rose City Paving has the residential paving solutions for you.

Rose City’s investment in their equipment goes a long way for their driveway. Rose City utilizes a top of the line weiler p385b paver with a heavier screed compared to other pavers to provide a very dense mat even before compaction. This added density will extend the life of your driveway compared to other contractors who use lighter pavers.

residential paving services

Full Residential driveway services

Residential Paving Services

Residential Paving Chatham


Over time, your driveway may require resurfacing. Get it done with Rose City Paving. We’ll transform your existing driveway by trimming down high areas, topping it with around 3 inches of asphalt, and compacting it for a clean, like-new finish.
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Residential Paving Chatham

Removal and Replace

Sometimes a driveway in poor condition is beyond saving. The solution we recommend is removal and replacement. We’ll remove old driveways and outfit the ground with compacted stone that will hold the weight of a brand-new driveway.
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Residential Paving Chatham

Water Management

Water buildup on, around, and under your driveway can cause a multitude of issues, especially as that water freezes in the winter. We combat the risks of water and ice by designing driveways with drainage systems to move water away from your driveway.
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Belgian Block and Curbing

Make the most out of your driveway with our Belgian block and curbing services that add beautiful trims that beautify your property.

Asphalt Sealing And Crack Filling

Find out how our asphalt sealing and crack filling services can benefit your driveway and property.

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