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Commercial Paving Chatham

Commercial Paving Experts

Rose City Paving has over 60 years of commercial paving and road construction experience. With our fleet of top-of-the-line equipment, we can take on road construction and maintenance projects of any size in high-traffic areas.

We achieve required density, compaction, and high quality results on large scale commercial projects using state of the art equipment. Our Weiler p385b, Bomag, and Caterpillar compaction equipment is used by our experienced technicians to get the job done right.

commercial paving Chatham

Full Site Services

commercial road paving Chatham

Commercial Paving Chatham


Rose City Paving uses only the most advanced road-building techniques and practices. A road that stays in one piece starts with quality materials and proper planning, grading, and paving. With Rose City Paving, you’ll only get the best.
commercial paving Chatham

Commercial Paving Chatham

Parking Lots

A well-built parking lot tells your customers two things: that you care about how your business presents itself and that you care that your customers have a safe and efficient place to park their vehicles when giving you their business. Rose City Paving only builds clean-looking parking lots where every last detail is taken care of.
commercial paving repair Chatham

Commercial Paving Chatham

Replacement and Repairs

Damaged parking lots and roads can create all sorts of bad scenarios, from personal injury vehicle damage or even lawsuits. Take care of damaged roads and parking lots with Rose City Paving. We’ll rip out old asphalt, refill and compact sub-bases, and build drainage systems that keep your roads and parking lots in one solid piece.
Commercial water management Chatham

Commercial Paving Chatham

Water Management

In climates that experience sub-freezing temperatures, ice is always a concern for road travel. Rose City Paving keeps this in mind when designing and building roads and parking lots. We utilize water management strategies, like catch basins, to negate pooled water and the hazards of ice.

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