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Belgian Blocking Chatham

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Belgian blocks are natural stone bricks that are cut into large blocks that resemble cobblestone. Belgian blocks are most widely used in curbing and lining driveways, creating a clean, pristine, and uniform look along the edge of your driveway where it meets your landscape.

Belgian blocks come in a variety of colors and styles and can be laid and installed however you see fit that aligns with the aesthetic and design choices of your home’s exterior. We can install Belgian blocks raised at a 45-degree angle, 90-degree angle, or flat and level with your driveway. Whatever your vision is, we’ll bring it to life.

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curbing Chatham

Curbing Chatham

The Installation Process

The process of installing Belgian blocks may differ from property to property and depends on a property’s layout or driveway shape and the preferences of every client.

Belgium blocks are installed during the new driveway installation. After excavation, we dig the trenches, set the blocks in 6 inches of concrete, and join them. Being set in 6 inches of Belgium blocks are protected from being knocked out by snow plows or other vehicles. We then stone and grade the driveway and pave up to the blocks for a seamless finish.

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While smooth and clean on the surface, asphalt driveways can appear rough around the edges, especially where your driveway meets with the edge of your lawn. This doesn’t have to be the case, and Rose City Paving has a solution for you that will boost curb appeal. Contact Us Today For A Free Estimate