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Excavation Experts

Rose City Paving and Construction has years of experience in providing site services and excavation. With our 10 and 20-ton excavators, we can handle any job of any size. Explore the excavation services we offer.
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Full Site Services

Rose City Paving and Construction offers site services to all of our customers, including new home-building projects. With our fleet of sustainable top-of-the-line equipment, we’ll be able to complete excavations safely, efficiently, and cleanly.
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Excavating Chatham


Improper or lack of drainage systems around your home can be detrimental in the efforts to keep your home and basement free of water damage. Rose City Paving offers a wide variety of drainage solutions that collects water and sends it away from your home.
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Excavating Chatham

Seepage Pits

Seepage pits are another drainage solution for your home. Seepage pits are sub-ground holding tanks that collect water around your home and drain it deep into the ground.
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Excavating Chatham

Land Clearing

Many construction and home-building projects can’t begin before land-clearing services are completed. Our fleet of equipment and experienced operators will clear your land of any unwanted debris, trees, shrubs, and brush and dredge roots to provide you with cleared land and soil that’s ready to build on. home.
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Excavating Chatham

Septic Systems

Rural homebuilders will feel confident that they can rely on Rose City Paving and Construction to install a septic system that’s right for their home, property, and household. We install the septic system right the first time to provide our customers with sustainable septic systems.

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