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Environmentally Safe Paving Equipment

We are committed to using only newly manufactured equipment, including our 2013 Peterbilt Tri-axle, 2013 John Deere 85d excavator, 2013 John Deere Skid Steer. This enables us to provide superior results using the latest clean emission technology for a safe environment for your family while we work.

2013 Peterbilt Triaxle

This new truck has the latest clean emissions technology and allows us to transport 27 tons of asphalt in one load. This reduces the amount of fuel and emissions used when installing your driveway. Superior fuel economy is achieved using precise fuel management controlled by the PACCAR Electronic Control Module. The new PACCAR MX-13 engine's common rail system maintains injection pressures of 2,500 bar, which helps achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, emission and noise levels.

John Deere 85D Excavator and 2013 John Deer Skid Steer

With these machines we are able to remove the average size driveway in less then 8 hours. Reducing the amount of time you are inconvenienced as well as emission emitted while working on your driveway. Learn more ... click here.

2007 Leeboy 8515 Paver

Provides state of the art technology producing a smooth long lasting driveway. Learn more ... click here.

John Deere LeeBoy PeterBilt

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